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most up to date technologies
and intelligent solutions

A decade of experience, state of the art technology skills, engineering approach, and the best technical solutions provide support for seamless work in order to create the most spectacular user experience and unforgettable audiovisual moments. This, as well as uncompromising work, forms our belief.

brands, technologies, and our suppliers

We are committed to quality. During our work, we employ the most cutting edge technological solutions and technical devices, and even employ robot technologies to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. All this is a result of the best possible equipment pool offered by well known brands, professional use of the equipment, as well as work done together with our first class supplier partners.

consultancy, technical design, and safety technology

We are available both as external experts and technical designers in high volume projects are well as events on a smaller scale. We offer professional control of specific tasks as required or will monitor the complete project. We take extra care in managing the highest level safety technology requirements as well as those required by law, and manage these during implementation in line with the scale and needs of the event.

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highest level of general contracting work

One of the most important basic requirements related to general contractors offering the highest level of quality is to manage and professionally control a team of required skills and responsibilities during the complete timeframe of the project, making sure that every stakeholder is on the project at the right time. As general contractors, we offer a full scope of solutions which contains the conceptual design, creative planning and execution, the management of the inception and follow-up phases related to the event/project, the implementation of the event, infocommunication solutions including live streaming, apps, portals, microsites, social media tasks, and regular marketing promotions as needed.

unique projects and solutions

Today, it is no longer enough to meet the classical demands related to events. The solutions leveraged in the focus or in the background need to be ones which fully adapt to infocommunication and technological requirements that change from one day to the next, and utilize the opportunities inherent within these.